Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pre school graduation

Kieran and Kieani

Kieran 'graduated' from preschool.  His nerves got to him and he wouldn't participate in the ceremony, but it was still cute.  He had a fun little class with Ms. Joan and great memories.  We had a pot luck and then all the kids went for a swim despite to cool breezy weather.

An end to T-ball

Kieran's baseball season came to an end.  We had a great first year of T-ball.  The coaches were great, his teammates were great.  He now loves baseball even more!  I so proud of my little guy.  He was so excited about the trophy.  Can't wait till next season.

Rhys's Birthday Party

We had a Roller Coaster themed birthday party for Rhys.  He has really been into roller coasters lately.  He talks about them all the time and draws pictures of them, and watched roller coaster utube videos.  It turned out to be a fun day.  Johnathan made a great roller coaster cake, we had three roller coasters for the kids to ride, we played games.  I love my sweet little 3 year old.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Stawberry Picking

Our traditional stawberry picking from back at the end of March.  Its always a good time.  My boys are crazy, they love to pick but don't love to eat them.  So I get to eat them all.:)

Tide Pools We

We love going to the tide pools to find star fish and sea urchins and all kids of treasures.

Monday, April 29, 2013

St. Patricks Day/ my bithday

I had a great birthday!  I love having my birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  I think it is such a fun holiday.   I dressed the kids all up in green, Rhys got to wear the little Kilt again.  Johnathan made me an eight layer chocolate cake that was yummy!  And this is the only picture of me on my birthday that Rhys took.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arizona/Spring Training

Kieran petting a cactus.  Thought it was so soft until he noticed all the prickles in his hand after:)
This is what the kids were doing while we drove though Joshua Tree.
We drove through Joshua Tree on our way to Arizona.    It was really pretty to see but we need to go back camping when we can spend some more time there.  It was a detour that we thought would be short and nice but ended up taking us 11 hours to get to Arizona.  And anyone with three little kids knows that is one LONG drive.
Fake city set up at the Marriott for events

Johnathan got Don Mattingly's signature
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At the Dodger Game

The kids couldn't wait to swim in the pool.  They were most excited about that.  Johnathan had to take Kieran the first night we got there at 10:30pm he couldn't get to sleep until he went swimming.

I also love to go to spring training because I get to see my good friend Krista every year.

At the Angels game
The boys watching a movie on the way home until they fell asleep