Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rhys and his drawings

Kieran and Rhys

Our family and Rhys' Roller Coaster - He wrote his name here too.

 No matter where we are going Rhys has to have a stack of paper and crayons with him.
                          A wrapped up picture for his friend Lyla.
                Found this folded up picture for me on the Kitchen floor.
Rhys has become quite the artist.  He literally, draws all day.  He draws pictures,then folds them up, sometimes puts it in an envelope or wrapping paper, that Kieran helps him cut out.  After he finishes he asks how to spell the name of the person he made the picture for. I get lots of pictures, so he now knows how to write MOM, his name and almost Kieran's name. It is really sweet, we now have his drawings all over the house. And I am not allowed to throw any of them away. I even found Caroline with one by her, he is so thoughtful.:) The pictures usually depict another family member and some fun activity or love of Rhys'. I love my little Rhy'sie' and his creativity.

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Cassie said...

Wow that's awesome he can write all those letters already. Lainey can only write and L and a for her name right now. Caroline looks so so cute in that picture